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New jio fiber welcome offer (set-top+ box free 4k tv+ Giga fiber) - TricksRecharge

New jio fiber welcome offer

Hello Geo fiber welcome 4K TV display free + set-top box + fast net
Welcome to the offer of jio fiber, hello guys, I hope you enjoy reloading tricks and free cash payment tricks. Meanwhile, Mukesh Ambani announced today, at a GEO meeting, a "Geo Fiber welcome" for the trusted GEO user.

This welcome offer from jio fiber will revolutionize India with 4K live streaming on 4K TVs with 4K decoders. This jio offers everything for free with a welcome offer from jio fibers.

A welcome supply of Geo Fiber

If you remember correctly, when you trust the launch of jio sim, jio received a similar welcome offer from jio. Now you can get the benefits of a gift in Geo Giga fibers that are already in India as a test. The commercial launch of the biofiber will take place on September 5.

Below are the few things that have been announced to satisfy the dependence.

New jio fiber welcome offer  (set-top+ box free 4k tv+ Giga fiber) - TricksRecharge

A welcome supply of Geo Fiber

JIO has announced a Geo Fiber welcome offer to subscribers who choose the annual jio giga fiber plan. This offer will be available for a limited time. But if you receive a jio fiber welcome, jio will give you a smart HDTV and 4K HDTV or TV regardless of the jio giga fibers.

We add the details of the jio smart decoder.

Geofiber prices:

As mentioned earlier, jio fibers will be available through a welcome offer of jio fibers and monthly and annual packages will be available. In the annual jiofiber package, you will get a high definition TV with a free 4k + 4k decoder as part of a welcome offer from jio fiber.

The plan will be as low as $ 700 per month and up to $ 10,000. However, full details will be announced in the coming days.

New jio fiber welcome offer  (set-top+ box free 4k tv+ Giga fiber) - TricksRecharge

Geofiber speed: -

A welcome supply of Geo Fiber

Geofiber will support 4K transmission, as it can expect speeds of at least 100 Mbps. However, the speed depends on different plans and users can also select 1 Gbps plans.

Geofiber decoder: -

This jio fibers welcome plan will also contain a jio smart receiver box with jio giga fibers. With the help of this top box for a jio smart device, users can make free HD video calls on any smartphone, tablet or other smart TVs with Giga capability.

The JIO Smart Decoder will also have a controller for games like features and will support HD games like fifa19. It comes with a built-in graphics card, so you can play HD games like ps4 and Xbox.

Geo first day first subscription: -
This is a unique concept announced today by accreditation. With a subscription on the first day of jio, users can watch new movies on the day of their release from home.

All cable channels: -

With this welcome offer from jio fiber, the user will have access to all cable channels for free from the jio Giga fibers.
A welcome supply of Geo Fiber

What will be included in the welcome fiber welcome?

The user will get:
Free Gigabyte fiber service at a speed of not less than 100 Mbps (according to your plan)
Geo Smart decoder
Free international video calls (according to your plan)
Free access to all jio applications, including jio and jio tv movies
Free TV Channels
We are adding more details to the Geo Fiber welcome offer ...

Free unlimited international calls: -
Thanks to the welcome offer from jio Giga and jio fiber, the user can make unlimited international calls to HD video. Although this package will start from $ 500 per month.

How to request a welcome offer from jio fiber:
A welcome offer from jio fiber will be launched commercially from September 5 along with the jio Giga fiber service.

You must visit the official Xpress convenience stores of the official credit company to provide you with this offer.
You need to complete the form to offer
In addition, you must purchase an annual plan for jio fiber to subscribe to this welcome offer from jio fiber.
Jio will send you for free later in your home or you can get a 4K TV and a 4K decoder from the jio stores.

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